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Thalgo Spa

The art of relaxation, inspired by the 5 oceans. Since it was created, Thalgo has drawn its inspiration for creating wonderful treatments from the oceans. Synonymous with escape and emotion and endowed with infinite riches, the oceans have the power to soothe, rejuvenate and beautify the body.

Thalgo Spa takes you on a journey out of time, intense and beneficial, to discover the world’s oceans, for an unparalleled sensation of wellbeing and relaxation.



Douceur du Lac

The Douceur Du Lac brand's wish is to be part of an eco-responsible line. To do this, they select partners based in France who share the same values.
They work with French laboratories, two of which are located in the Rhône-Alpes region. Very concerned and involved in the process of cosmetic elaboration respectful of your skin, they guarantee the seriousness of the ingredients used, the respect of the French and European cosmetic standards, but also the natural origin (98% and more) of Douceur du Lac products.
Their experience and unparalleled know-how enable them to offer you quality products designed with pleasant textures and subtle scents to delight your senses and give you pleasure in using them every day.

The composition of the products is one of Douceur du Lac's main concerns. For you, but also for the planet, Douceur du Lac carefully selects each ingredient. And we make sure that all our products are made from at least 98% natural ingredients.
In order to control the commitments that Douceur du Lac has made to its partners, they have set up a charter that must be respected:

No animal testing

No controversial substances

98% (and more) of products of natural origin

Recyclable packaging with the possibility to send them back empty for an optimal recycling


Coelho Beauty

Founded on the harmony between nature and science, Coelho Beauty offers innovative, environmentally-friendly products designed to revitalise and enhance your hair from the roots upwards. Using high-quality natural ingredients, each treatment is designed to deeply nourish, strengthen and provide an incomparable feeling of well-being. Discover our scalp care rituals and let yourself be seduced by the effectiveness and luxury of Coelho Beauty products.


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